internal glazed sliding- doors


~ Wooden Sliding Doors ~

Wooden sliding doors are space-saving doors that are widely used during refurbishments to replace traditional hinged doors. Their great advantage is that they don't take from the space inside the premises. The transitions between the different rooms of the house are fluid and continuous, always maintaining the right respect for privacy. Enjoy the open spaces of our home as much as possible knowing that a simple gesture can make us regain comfort and intimacy.

Have the doors when they are needed and make them disappear when they are not needed with our system for pocket doors. This type of doors can be hidden inside the frame, directly into the wall cavity. The advantages? Aesthetic cleaning and extra space to furnish with a piece of furniture or shelves!

With room divider door, with just one touch of the hand, you can have rooms combined or separated, depending on the needs of the moment. Perfect for creating versatile and luminous environments, these sliding doors can be made with the same finish as their side panels.