wooden room


~ Wooden Room Dividers ~

The partitions generally consist of masonry, but in some cases, they can also be made differently as wooden room dividers. The dividing walls in a house are fundamental: they are the internal walls of lesser thickness that divide the spaces so that the house is not a single and large room, but has bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas.

This solution is widely used and gives the interior decor a great style. With internal room divider elements, you would be able to close or open spaces if necessary, without a rigid and fixed situation, such as would have been with the walls in masonry.

In our wide range, you can find many variations of wooden room dividers, from the exclusive real wood veneer, up to the luxury painted surfaces. Whatever the choice of favourite finish, the ductility and the chromatic possibilities that the wood ensures, are translated into a wide-ranging stylistic freedom, perfect to create the necessary divisions without drastic interventions or excessively sharp deadlines inside your home.