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~ Kiel Internal Door Designs~

Kiel internal door designs carry the class of the traditional concept in any room. The interior doors you choose, define the style and personality of your home. This is why our company always looks for door designs that respond to the best combination of aesthetics and functionality. Elegant in shape and proportions, able to stand out, the style of Kiel large internal doors is expressed in different, precise and strongly distinctive characters. But one thing, above all others, makes it rare and unmistakable: it is a style destined to last.

Our German factory is recognized internationally for its quality and offers a wide choice of luxury interior doors with different functionalities as hinged, sliding or pocket doors. These internal doors are embellished with a wide range of dedicated accessories, including perfectly matched frames and architrave, hinges, locks, and handles.

One of the door design and functionality that stands out for Kiel door range is the double hinged door with its arched style. As a double hinged door, it points the way to the next room in an especially inviting way, for instance as a passage between the living and dining areas. You can now realize your dreams of an ideal room with the combined styles of a classic door and contemporary manufacturing technology. Hand-made is still an irreplaceable assurance for the high-quality of our door models.





*The prices are for luxury internal door set including door leaf, frame with architrave, rubber seal, professional factory fitted hinges and latch for wall openings up to W1000mm x H2100mm x T100mm. Prices excl. VAT and transport

For wider and taller doors, please send us your inquiry.

Suitable for traditional and contemporary interior design ideas, these made to measure interior doors are adaptable and flexible.

3 panel door set

Take advantage of luxury internal doors with hand crafted panel style. Each panel is treated individually, which makes the difference between in-line products and the crafted ones.

3 panel door set

German interior doors combine panels and glazing beads in a traditional door model for those who desire to achieve amazing design and door functionalities.

3 panel door set

The Romantik unique doors revive the old craftsmanship in the indoors décor. Traditional unique doors can bring the generous style of English country house into your personal home

3 panel door set

Baron architectural internal doors keep what the title promises: aristocratic lines and state-of-the-art craftsmanship tradition.

3 panel door set

The modern internal doors fulfill the important function of dividing the spaces in the home, but they are also a distinctive piece of furniture. 

3 panel door set

Each Classic Nouveau contemporary internal doors are a result of a search for superior quality in materials, design, engraved panels with high-precision tools and fixing hardware.

3 panel door set
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