quality sliding glass doors


~ Frameless Glass Doors ~

Reflections and transparency, design and play of light in which the crystal is the real protagonist are the characteristics of our frameless glass doors. These doors divide and at the same time connect the environments, bringing a touch of originality and refinement inside the house. With our wide range of glass doors, you will be able to discover how we have "shaped" the glass panels to transform them into high-quality doors. With the help of our consultants, you can find about the many models, the different opening systems, the infinite decorative and chromatic variations, as well as the custom-made glass dimensions that you need for your project.

Frameless glass doors are equipped with toughened safety glass, with a minimum thickness of 8 mm. Toughening is a process based on subjecting the panel to a fast cooling which greatly increases the strength of the material. Therefore, furnishing your home with glass is synonymous with safety and stability, as each product maintains its aesthetic and resistance characteristics unaltered over time. And with regard to aesthetics, there are many finishes available in our wide range: satin and sanded glasses, lacquered and transparent, with both smooth and decorated surfaces.

~ Sliding Glass Doors ~

Sliding glass doors range consists of products that differ in shape and functionality, therefore our glass designs place the door in the centre of attention making it an important piece of furniture. The combination of glass and aluminium profiles, hinges and sliding systems keep the rooms bright. The aluminum profiles have been deliberately reduced during the design phase to allow maximum glass exaltation, the colors are modern and neutral and are well suited to different furnishing contexts.

~ Bifold Glass Doors ~

Creating new spaces without breaking the aesthetics between inside and outside the room is one of the innovative solutions that glass bifold doors are able to offer. A closing system with folded glass panels without vertical profiles is the aesthetic solution with zero impact that can transform the entire look of the interior design.

We offer a truly unique collection of glass doors and our products realistically start from £2,000.00 excl VAT varying upwards of this depending on door design, hardware, finishes, and dimensions.