concealed door


~ Frameless Doors ~

The frameless doors, designed with an innovative built-in element do not require a cover frame. The door is completely absorbed by the surrounding environment, creating continuity between the walls that become the undisputed protagonists of the space while the door is perceived completely "merged" with the wall. The particularity of the swing doors is the possibility to give continuity to the environments, the door panels can be painted, lacquered or covered with wallpaper just like the existing finishes. In addition, there is the possibility of finishing the door in two different ways, one on each side allowing it to adapt to the environment in which it is inserted.

This type of concealed door is the ideal solution for those who love a clean design in lines and accurate in details. The apparent lightness of the door flush with the wall, capable of lightening the rooms with sober elegance, makes use of the proven structural solidity. The door can be opened both ways to push and pull and, at the customer's discretion, provided with handles. It is an easy-to-install product, designed for both masonry and plasterboard walls.

From an aesthetic point of view, frameless doors are extremely versatile solutions, designed to be modeled on the style of each project. That's why the design of the concealed doors is suitable for any type of interior design, from the most classic to the most contemporary.

We offer a truly unique collection of frameless doors and our products realistically start from £1,500.00 excl VAT varying upwards of this depending on door design, materials, finishes, and dimensions.